In addition to professional publications, the following two  adventure novels are now available on and other venues:

Electric Blue

A treasure hunter seeking a fortune in sunken gold coins is forced to work with an attractive but feisty marine paleontologist hunting the remains of an ancient monster, a giant Mosasaur dubbed "The T. Rex of the Seas." They get caught up in conflict with smugglers on a tropical paradise in the Caribbean. People keep disappearing. Are the primeval behemoths still alive? Does the sunken U-Boat contain a fortune in gold? Will gangsters turn the island into a smugglers's refuge? ​

If you loved Michael Crichton novels like Jurassic Park, you'll love this! 

--Jim Morris, Best-Selling Author of War Story, The Devil's Secret Name, and Above and Beyond.

Electric Blue is scheduled to become a major Motion Picture, in 3D. Book 1 is on For updates, see: 

The Irish Sword

A historical novel based on Ireland's fight for freedom, from 1916-1923. At the forefront of the fight were flying squads, fighting a guerilla war against impossible odds. One of them had a devastating secret weapon, smuggled in by their American cousins. It was called the Irish Sword. 

A  roller coaster ride of history, Irish culture, insider knowledge, and inspiring adventure. 

--S. Baisley, Editor and Author

Book 1 is available on For  updates, see: